When I was a kid, my little brother and I used to wait at the door for any packages delivered to my dad. As a sales rep, sometimes Dad would get samples of products ranging from mugs to stuffed animals to (our favorite) candy. But usually, it wasn’t what was inside that I was waiting for. It was the box itself. The jackpot came when the box was the perfect size: taller than me and wider than my shoulders. I would drag the box up the stairs to our bedroom and set up the coziest little nest inside pillows, blankets, a flashlight, and my stuffed bear, Broccoli. For the next several nights, I’d sleep in there; during the day, it was a house for play and a calm space when my emotions got big.

There is something magical about being in a kid-created space, whether it’s a pillow fort, a box, a closet, or a crawl space in the bushes outside. As the weather turns, we wanted to focus on saying yes to cozy kid creativity. So, pull out some blankets, tea, and maybe even light a fire. For Screen-Free Saturdays, let’s unplug to get cozy!

As Cozy as a Blanket Fort?

Last month, the kids decided that we needed to build and sleep in a blanket fort in the living room. 8 chairs, 6 sheet sets, and a ton of clothes pins later, we snuggled up for a night of indoor camping. Even the dog loved it. While it would have been convenient to take it down the next morning, we ended up leaving it up for a while. The kids would go in to read, play, and even just to take a breather. Giving your kids a place to go throughout the week where there are no screens and cozy vibes is one solution to creating boundaries around screen time for your family. Check out our new resource with fun, fabulous fort ideas for your Screen-Free Saturdays and beyond!

Kid-Friendly Soup Recipes

Warm up the whole family with these soup recipes that kids can help prepare! Find the recipes here.


   Pandemic Time Capsules

        Our friends at the National Association of Independent Schools offer this fun idea: making time capsules during the pandemic. Learn more here.


Community Connections

Check in with your neighbors

Unplugging to cook can be a real privilege, and a great way to support your community’s food needs! This weekend, consider:

  • Starting a Little Free Pantry: Learn more | Learn about what people have done in cities like Seattle, where COVID hit hard
  • Contacting your local food banks: Most food banks and pantries are still operating and need specific types of support based on community needs. Look up the food bank near you this week to see if there is a way to support it!
  • Checking in with your schools: COVID-19 has put many of our students experiencing hunger at an even greater risk of food insecurity. School systems are working around the clock to be able to continue to serve meals and support families, but their funding is running out. Contact your local school district to see what’s most useful at this time!

May this Screen-Free Saturday be DEEEELICIOUS. Make sure to stay connected with all of our Screen-Free Saturdays ideas, resources, and fun by taking the pledge: