Screen-Free Week loves reading, so this year we’re making it even easier to pick up a book (or an e-reader… we don’t judge), May 1-7.

Reading rocks!

Research shows children who read (or are read to) have better scores on cognitive tests than those who spend more than one hour per day on screens. They also have better emerging literacy skills, more ability to use expressive language, and test higher on the ability to rapidly name objects!

Sadly though, a study by the National Literacy Trust showed that in 2019 (BEFORE our screen-filled pandemic) only 26% of youth under 18 spent time each day reading—the lowest daily level recorded since the charity first surveyed children’s reading habits in 2005.

We adults aren’t faring much better. Americans read for personal interest less than 16 minutes per day. (In comparison, we spend an average of two hours and 50 minutes watching television.)

Screen-Free Week offers us an excellent opportunity to start changing these trends!

Feeling pumped about the possibilities?

Forget about scheduling every minute of your family’s Screen-Free week, get a big stack of books, and prepare to get cozy (indoors or out!) and get lost in a story instead! 

To make space for more reading during your Screen-Free Week, check out these free resources:

We’re looking for libraries

Lastly, do you work for a library, know a local library, or love libraries? If so, we’d like your help in finding more libraries to celebrate Screen-Free Week with us this year.

Here are three things you can do:

 Thanks for your help. Happy reading!