It’s here… Screen-Free Week starts Monday, May 1!

We hope you’ve made a pledge to join us (or, even better, planned a Screen-Free Week event!) If not, there’s still time!

Our biggest word of advice for next week? Manage your expectations.

  • Try working on ONE screen habit.
  • Take a break from ONE app.
  • Step outside for ONE deep breath in nature.

Remember, we’re going for progress here, not perfection.

How do you feel?

One thing we’ve learned from planning this year’s Screen-Free Week is that the Covid pandemic fundamentally and irrevocably changed our relationship with screens.

During that period, our screens become a lifeline and even a tether to sanity for many.

We understand that, in that context, asking people to go “screen-free” may seem not only like a luxury, but maybe even dangerous. (What if our kids are in trouble? What if we miss a deadline? How will we attend this Zoom meeting?)

We hear you. We feel that way too.

However, at the same time, we also know that the pandemic forced us all to sort of make a “deal with the devil.”

We readily choose to go ALL IN, knowing that more time staring at screens, more distraction, and more dependence was likely to have some negative impacts. We know it did for our children.

Honestly though? What other choice did we all have?

That’s why we believe Screen-Free Week is so important. We need to pause, recharge and reboot. If we don’t intentionally carve out this time, it simply won’t happen. The tools we have today are too omnipresent and integral to our lives to allow for long offline breaks naturally.

We believe Screen-Free Week is an important lifeline and tether to sanity too.

What do you need right now?

However, we’re at an interesting transition point in our culture.

We’re inviting everyone to make a change in their lives next week, but we also acknowledge that we’re all fighting different battles, with complex relationships to devices that didn’t even exist a few decades ago.

There is no one “right” way to manage our relationship with technology. There is no one way to be “screen-free.”

That’s why it’s so important to tell us what you need right now. What would make your Screen-Free Week successful? (How do you even define screen-free success?)

How can we support you in your Screen-Free Week journey? Our resoruce library is full of best guesses, but some of those tools may have outlived their usefulness while others may be critical to your week without us even knowing it.

If you don’t know the answers to any of these questions yet, that’s OK!

But please, check in with us after Screen-Free Week is over. We’d love to hear your thoughts and suggestions for the future!